Privacy Policy
Effective Date: January 1, 2023

Here at Closin, we take privacy seriously. We strive to protect your privacy and to have the utmost transparency.
To accomplish these goals, we put together this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), which explains what types of information we collect about you, how that information is collected and stored, how we use and share that information and your rights to that information. Please refer to the Terms of Use for the meaning of any capitalized terms used here.

Updates to Privacy Policy
If we make any major changes to this Privacy Policy, we will attempt to notify you by either sending you an email and/or posting a notice on our homepage. Please review the most current version of this Privacy Policy at any time here.

Information We Collect
In order to better serve you and allow you to use the Services fully, we collect various types of information from you, which are detailed in this section.

We may collect personally identifiable information about you that you voluntarily provide to us, which may include your name, address, email address, telephone number, login credentials and payment information such as bank account and credit card details.

We may also automatically collect other information related to your access and/or use of the Services, including device and usage information such as your IP address, browser and device characteristics, location and other technical information. All of the information we collect from you is referred to herein as “Your Information.

How We Collect Your Information
It is important to us that you understand how we collect Your Information, so you can make informed decisions about whether you want to share any information with us.

We may collect personally identifiable and other information from you when you (1) sign up for the Services, including providing payment information, (2) access and/or use the Services, (3) submit responses to a questionnaire, survey or report or otherwise provide feedback to us through the Services or otherwise, (4) make search inquiries or (5) contact us by email, phone, mail or otherwise.

Your browser may notify you if cookies or other tracking technologies are being used by us and you may refuse, disable or remove cookies at any time. However, we would like you to know that certain aspects of the Services depend on our usage of cookies (for example, user authentication), and you may not be able to access and/or use those aspects if you do not agree to our usage of cookies.

We may also collect Your Information from third parties, such as through our business partners and other service providers who help us provide the Services or through search engines, social media platforms that are connected or linked to our Services or if you use a single sign-on service. Please be aware that information you provide to any third parties may be subject to their own privacy policies.

How We Store Your Information
We want you to feel assured and confident that Your Information is being protected by us appropriately. We store Your Information on our servers and the servers of third-parties with whom we have contracted with to provide the Services (and who we trust to maintain the security of Your Information). Your Information may be transferred, processed and stored among such servers, including domestically and internationally depending on where you are located. We only store Your Information for our legitimate business interests.

We treat Your Information with the utmost care and respect and take great precautions to ensure the security, safety and privacy of Your Information and to prevent unauthorized disclosure and use of Your Information. Although we have various security protocols and technical and organizational safeguards to protect Your Information, it is not possible to guarantee the absolute security of any cloud-based platform, although we promise to do our best. To help maintain the security of Your Information, we recommend that you only access the services within a secure environment. If you suspect your account has been breached in any manner, please notify us immediately and we will investigate promptly.

How We Use Your Information
We want to be fully transparent with how we use Your Information so we put together the list below to help you understand our uses and why. If you disagree with any of these uses, we encourage you to let us know so we may properly address your concerns. We use Your Information:

  1. To provide you the Services in the manner that you expected or requested, including by providing you with personalized Services and to show you personalized content and advertisement;
  2. To create your account and authenticate your identity when you log in to your account;
  3. To send various communications to you, including responses to your inquiries and from other users;
  4. To analyze Services traffic and improve the Services and to monitor, diagnose, maintain and repair problems;
  5. To enforce our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy and other terms, conditions and policies;
  6. To comply with legal obligations;
  7. For various recordkeeping purposes, including for tax and accounting reporting;
  8. For other legitimate business purposes.

Who We Share Your Information With
We will only share Your Information with other parties with your consent or for purposes of providing you the Services, unless we need to comply with legal obligations or to protect your rights or the rights of others.

We may share Your Information with our subsidiaries and affiliates and our directors, officers and employees and third-party business partners and service providers (collectively, “Service Providers”) so that they may provide services to us and assist us with providing you with the Services or perform analytics on the Services. To help ensure the security of Your Information, Service Providers are authorized to use Your Information solely to the extent necessary to perform the tasks set forth in this paragraph. Rest assured that we will never publicly disclose Your Information without your consent unless it is aggregated and anonymized.

We may share Your Information with other users of the Services only if you have allowed such sharing (for example, by setting your account settings accordingly or by otherwise explicitly consenting). Your Information may also be shared with other persons if you interact with them in public areas of the Services.

We may share Your Information with legal, regulatory, judicial or governmental authorities if disclosure is requested from us by such authorities or in order to comply with applicable law or a judgment, order or other proceeding. We may also disclose Your Information if we suspect that you have violated any applicable law or regulation or have committed fraud or to protect the rights or safety of others.

Your Rights to Your Information
You have various rights to Your Information, including the following, which you may exercise by contacting us or by updating your account details or settings (as applicable):

  1. Right to Access: You may view, access and/or receive a copy of Your Information at any time.
  2. Right to Portability: You have the right to request the transfer of Your Information to another party.
  3. Right to Rectification: You may update, rectify and/or complete any or all of Your Information at any time.
  4. Right to Object: You may object to our collection, processing, sharing and/or use of any or all of Your Information.
  5. Right to Restriction: You may limit or restrict our collection, processing, sharing and/or use of any or all of Your Information.
  6. Right to Erasure: You may request that we delete any or all of Your Information at any time, unless we have a legal or other legitimate reason not to.
  7. Right to Withdraw Consent: If you have consented to allowing us to collect, process, share and/or use Your Information, you may withdraw your consent with respect to any or all of Your Information at any time.
  8. Right to Complain: If you have an issue or dispute regarding our collection, processing, sharing or use of Your Information, you may contact the appropriate authorities.

We comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act and the California Online Privacy Protection Act.

Rest assured that we will never discriminate against you for exercising any of your rights listed in this section.

Communications From Us
We never want you to feel like you are obligated to receive communications from us. Therefore, we will only send you communications if you have opted-in to receive them and you may opt-out of any such communications at any time by contacting us or clicking on the unsubscribe link and following the instructions in such communication, as applicable.

Protection of Children
Our Services and Products are not intended to be accessed or used by anyone under 18 years of age (“Minors”). We never knowingly collect, store, use or share personally identifiable information of Minors. If you discover or are aware that a Minor’s personally identifiable information has been provided to us or shared through our Services, please contact us immediately.

Contact Us
Please contact us at: [email protected].